Ferrari F650 Melodious

I was at the early months of my draft period that I designed this concept car. This one is one of my favorite of all time….not also because of how it looks but the potential it’s got. There’s a high possibility that I get back to this model in near future and refine the 3D model and add more details to it and make it more close to the reality which is a sort of good news ;).

The F650 Melodious has a V12 4.2L normal aspirated mid-engine  generating 650 bhp.  There isn’t any crazy Sci-Fi characteristics to this car….I just wanted it to be a fine beautiful super car with proper mechanical advantages with minimal electronic limitations. Hope you enjoy.

Ferrari-34 Front copyFerrari-34 Backfinal-01final-10final-09final-08final-07efinal-02final-03final-04final-05final-06

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