The very first idea of this concept was to enroll a new imaginary class to the product line for BMW “Type of which BMW really missed in its nowadays Productions”…, I started sketching a mid-engined super sport, not to be a sleek super car but one muscular looking, raging super car…..The engine I was imagining for it was a V8 4.0 Liter Supercharged engine RWD……I know I know, I broke lots of rules but that’s the point, BMW always have done it, Right?

So….after a couple of sketches, I started modeling it, and once the modeling was over I decided, for the first time, to apply an HDRI technique to the environment instead of creating a normal virtual photography studio for it….

There are two points I really need to make on this post:

  1. Although I 3D model my concepts ” I really want them to look like the same way as some other marker renderings and sketches with some exaggerated proportions “Like huge rims. low profile roof or other common exaggerations” . In other words, I don’t want them to look like a real car in the real world….I want them, to emphasize the fact that they are concepts and they’re not real; even though they are in HDRI environments or some Photography studios…
  2. There were some compliments I read about the side of my concepts in different websites and forums, saying that there is too much going on at the side of the car…and I believe that’s true, but the point is; 3D modeling process is really time consuming, and I can’t have lots of modeled concepts in a short period of time, therefore I use my concepts as showcases of new ideas. For example,…there are too many air vents at the side of the BMW GT and they are just used together harmoniously to show the possibility NOT to dictate…

Six months ago I decided to refine this concept and recondition some of its proportions and refine it. Here are the results. These are exclusive renders which you can find them only here. Hope you enjoy 😉

BMW GTBMW GTBMW GTBMW GTBMW GTrender 2(Final)render 3(Final)render 4(Final)render 5(Final)render 6(Final)render 7(Final)render 8(Final)render 9(Final)render 10(Final)render 11(Final)SE 1(Final)SE 2(Final)SE 3(Final)SE 4(Final)SE 5(Final)SE 6(Final)

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