Chevrolet Corvette Z10

The idea of this concept came to me while I was in the training period of military service….the bold characteristic of this concept is the lights of the car and of course the changes in the dimensions of the car….It’s shorter and taller than the existing Corvettes. The front lights are configured as par Xenon HID and LEDs….The LED part which include many LEDs are meant to be the flashing hi beams due to their fast response to the electric current and the way it will affect the front drivers to become aware of the Z10 in the mirror without their eyes being disturbed by the flashing beams…..The conventional Xenon bulb will do the lightning up front and it will change the angle of the bulb automatically as the car speeds up lighting far more distance in front of the car…The rear panel of the car where the lights are is a Piano Black Plexiglas which covers the whole rear panel of the car….the rear lights are absolutely hidden behind this cover. The rear lights are  back-lit by Neon toruses and the hazards and the brake lights are Hi-bright LEDs.

As you can see the car has two triangular exhaust pipes on either sides and one central mono-block exhaust tip in the back….The side triangular exhaust pipes are straight pipes from the catalytic converter which can be diverted to them from the conventional resonated catback by the electric valves on the exhaust system. There is a wide range of the engine sound selectable due to the drivers taste….so some how every single Z10 would have a unique sound to it depending on its own driver.

The engine of this car is a compact supercharged Boxer 8-cylinder mounted right behind the front suspension system and the side fins of the car are used to guide the warm air in the engine bay through either sides of the car reducing the coefficients of drag. The transmission is mounted on the rear axle helping the distribution of weight equally to both front and rear axles and also have a low gravity center close to the  middle of the car’s wheel base. Enough of the description. Hope you Enjoy.

p.s.   I’m aware that the proportions are not ideal and realistic, and as we all know that’s a matter of experience and practice which makes perfect end results. I’m workin’ on it ;-).

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