Lamborghini X Concept

When I saw the Lamborghini Reventon, to be honest I didn’t like it, especially the front end. I set a goal for myself to design a new concept of Lamborghini more matched to my likings and started designing the front end at the first days of Reventon’s release, but the rear end was done almost a year after when I found time because I was busy passing the draft period of military service. I modeled the concept after finishing my draft period. It’s mostly based on the  Murcielago Chassis. The engine is conventional normal aspirated V12 engine used in Murcielago. The engine side cooling intakes are expandable based on the surface flexibility of the carbon fiber sheets. Hope you like it….

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23 thoughts on “Lamborghini X Concept

  1. Awesome design. Emil Baddal does design a very unique and head turning super car. Would love to sit down and design with you one day.. Thanks for all your great work with Lamborghini.

  2. here is a perfect design that makes sense without saying but can i ask you a question!
    are you a Persian?
    i hope so to see your answer on this page as soon as possible.
    best regards.

  3. Hey Hadi,
    Thank you for the comment, Yes I’m from Iran, Shiraz so I guess you can call me Persian, Although I’m Assyrian but I was born and raised in Shiraz.

  4. Hello Danric,
    I really appreciate your comment, but at this point I can’t help you with any project, because I’m not working professionally as an exterior designer yet. If you would like to show me your designs I would love to see them, you can send them to my email. If you had further questions you can contact me on : I will be more than happy to help you.

  5. это превосхоDная вещь! просто настоящий кар буdушего)) просто супер))

  6. Duh…. I am not Persian and i m Indian. Anyways I really like your designs and I really Appreciate them.Until today morning My favourite concept car was bmw i8 but now onwards I think I am fan of your concept car.You should work as professional automotive designer at lamborghini

  7. is this how persian made always look beauty in history of mankind, may persian is the central of art 🙂

  8. terrific!! just terrific
    I’m Iranian & I really like your designs

    –((the iranians always makes honor))–

  9. امیل وافعا کارهات زیباست به خصوص این کار
    امیدوارم یه روزی کانسپت هات به واقعیت تبدیل شه که مطمئنم همینجور میشه
    باعث افتخارمه که همشهری مثل تو دارم
    فقط پلاک 63 یادت نره 😀

  10. salam.vaghan maye eftekhare afrin.alye tarahiat aly ham onvartare.agha shoma be in badbakhta ham ie komaky bokon vase khodeshon tarh zadan TIBA abroye harchy iranyaro bordan valy ba vojode shoma ma maghamam bedast miarim ke behtarin tarah hastid va hamkaretonam ke irany hast va bmw m7 ro tarahy karde maye eftekhare ma hastid.mofagh bashid

  11. امیل جان سلام باورم نمیشد وقتی دیدم یه ایرانی کانسپت محبوب منو کشیده!(منظورهم بی ام و هست که از وقتی که یادم میاد عاشقش بودم.)امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشی

  12. salam va tabrik babate ;araye fogholadatun.rastesh manam indusrial design mikhunam mikhastam 1 tahghigh az shoma erae bedam va biogerafi tuno kamel bedunam age komak konid mamnun misham
    good luck 4 ever

  13. Salam,

    Kheili mamnun babate commente por az lotfetun. Tuye commentetun rajebe biographye man komak khaste budin. Valla man ham mesle shoma student hastam. Alan sale akhare Transportation Design ro dar Art Center College of Design age khoda bekhad shoroo mikonam dar terme paeez. Man rastesh daghighan motmaen nistam ke che chiz hayiiro rajebe biogrphie man mikhain bedunin. Agar be soorate ye seri soalat matrah konin chizaii ro ke mikhain bedunin, rahat tar khahad bud va be gholan mokhtasaro mofid mitunam javab bedam.

    -Emil Baddal

  14. I think all of the three cars look very nice. There are some comnemts about how bad the cars look like. My comnemt to these ppl are: if you think you can do better Please go ahead….. Yeah I just remembered you guy are not talentet to even render a new design. The Guy is talented, all of the concepts starts from a simple picture and the production car will be modifed.Emil, Keep up the good work and I wish you the best.

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