BMW 250tti Shockware Concept

This concept is meant to start over the 2-Series of BMW with a different channel within the production line, the legendary 2002 was one of my all time favorites and I wanted to resurrect the 2 series which has been out of production for a long time.
Shockware  is not a word, but it’s a mean to describe a little of the feeling of this car and what it can do to your nerves :D. A compact coupe beholding a 5.0L V10 Twin-Turbo engine is going to be an extreme way of enjoying a ride……The overlapping spoiler  which its angle of attack is electronically adjusted, generates enough down force at different speeds to stabilize the car.
HDRI and Backplates by

P.S.    I designed this concept at the same time with a 6-Series concept but unfortunately I didn’t have the time and energy enough to model that concept either. But I will definitely do refinements in the proportions in near future  alongside with modeling the 6-series.

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