Mercedes-Benz T-44 Concept

This is actually the 3rd off-road concept I’ve designed which was my favorite of the three. So I modeled it Back in 2009. The goal was to step back from the supercar designs and start other types a try…..The Merc T44 Concept is a 2+2  luxury off-road which has a 4.4liter V8 inter-cooled turbo engine 4WD. On sides there are retractable steps which slide out from underneath when the door is opened. It’s got a pretty good attacking angle and clearance on the nose and back end and also within the wheelbase thanks to the body shape and retractable door steps and the 20inches wheels close to the  either ends of the car. The roof is Panoramic and includes 5 glass blocks which the first 2 blocks slide underneath the 3rd piece and the last two pieces slide under the rear part of the roof panel. I tried to design this concept as compact as possible in contrast with the nowadays street semi off-road cars which are good only for streets. Hope you enjoy.

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