Porsche Carrera Concept

The basic idea of this concept was to create a different feel of the Porsche…..A Larger back end which in comparison with the existing Porsche and it  was inevitable because I wanted to move the engine block forward, right on the rear axle( So technically it’s something between the Porsche’s conventional rear engine and the mid engine super cars)  so the weight distribution would be improved a little bit more……and of course I didn’t like the way that Panamera looked like Which caused me to suggest an alternative design of the front-end which was at the same time close to the current Panamera design but more aesthetic. As I mentioned before the 6 cylinder boxer engine  block is mounted right on the rear axle with four wheel drive. The tail light are full Hi-bright LED while the front lights are combination LED, HID Xenon and the old-school H4 Hi-Beams. I’ve read lots of comments on different sites that the viewers said that the rear lights of this concept is a copy of Nissan 370Z’s. I can say they couldn’t be more wrong and I wish they could pay more attention to the forms and styles.

I’ve got to mention about the proportion issues that this model is suffering at this point….when there isn’t any blueprint and you have to create the blueprints yourself of a brand new concept with brand new dimensions, believe me, it’s so hard to catch up the proportions when there is no real world scale models and everything goes right in your mind and 1/100 scale sheet blueprints….but I’m working on it to figure myself an easy way to cover these errors.

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