It’s a luxury Hatchback of my own brand EB…It has a 2.0L Turbocharged engine….Unlike most of nowadays hatchbacks and mini sport cars it is RWD for better weight distribution ,and it even enables you to have fun kicking it’s tail out which you can’t with FWDs…..It has suicide doors in case you’re wondering and It’s inherited some facial features of EB-One…The very first of the breed….Hope you like it.

© Copyright Emil Baddal 2010 . All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “EB-Hatchback

  1. dear mr baddil
    your designs are blowing up my mind
    they are amazing
    i was crazy about drawing and designing cars in fact when i was 5 till now
    but i live in iran and in u know here we cant do alot
    i would be very happy if you could help me
    my mind is full of ideas

  2. Hi Dear Omid,

    Thanks for your kind words. I understand your issues. Unfortunately there is so much you can do. Your best shot at becoming a professional designer would be to apply in universities abroad, like the university of pforzheim in Germany or institutes like IED and SPD in Italy or RCA in England. If you are able to travel to US then there are schools such as Art Center College of Design, College of creative arts and Academy of Art University that offer the Transportation design major.

    I wish you best of luck,
    – Emil

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