Infiniti BX Concept

As a first term student of Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design, I had a class called “Design Process 1” and we had to come up with a new type of vehicle for Infiniti as we were learning the process of automotive design. The course was taught by Mr. Bumsak Lim. After Finishing the course I decided to make a 3D model out of the best design that I came up with in the finals and render it. I was going to do HDRI compositions but I already had used the best HDRIs that I had and the rest were not good enough to use. So I decided to create a virtual photography studio for it. These are the results. Hope you enjoy them 🙂 .

About the Design:

The concept is a three seater, 3.5 door, Baja capable pick up truck(That’s why I named it BX Concept) with both internal dedicated cargo space and of course truck bed for larger and dirtier stuff  that’s to be carried around. The driver’s door as you will notice is larger than the front passenger side and the reason behind it is that the driver is the only person who enters and exits the vehicle most, so I designed this vehicle more driver oriented machine with larger driver entry. The dedicated internal cargo space is on the driver side behind the driver seat and it’s completely isolated from interior space of the car. There are bars and steps integrated on the bed side for easy and fast access to the bed from either sides.  As you can see there are two large LED projectors with 8 small reflectors inside equipped with 4  Hi bright large SMD LEDs integrated on top of the A pillars and since the reflectors of these LEDs are compact enough they can be targeted to different directions which would be very useful in midnight rough terrain driving or even haunting. The vehicle is roughly the same size of Ford SVT Raptor. The engine that I kind of root for is a 3.7liter V6 engine with the combination setup of one supercharger and one turbocharger working together to generate a seamless power delivery of 600hp and 700lb-ft of torque. I hope you enjoy the concept. There’s a probability that I add some special edition renders of this concept in near future. Please stay tuned.


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