1966 Ford Mustang ProTouring Project

It was 1992, when my older brother “Albert” was stalking a burnt body of a 1966 Mustang fastback in Shiraz, on his way to the university everyday. He never got the chance and fortune to build his dream car, his ultimate passion. In March 2010 he sent me an email, giving me a mission to design a ProTouring concept based on ’66 Mustang Fastback. I took it seriously and started what I enjoy most…studying the car and sketching . Till then I wasn’t fan of classic cars, let alone knowing about ProTouring or Resto Mod, I was more like a super car enthusiast type. It was great challenge and opportunity to take on . It helped me to broaden my vision and field of view.

I took some design guidelines from Albert to see how he wanted the car.  Things that I remember now that he gave me as guidelines were:  Charcoal Grey, Racing Stripes, Lexus ISF’s rims. I got to work and here’s the final result.  My goal was to keep the key features of the base model untouched and work my signatures around them so that I would achieve something modern but recognizably old school in the end. Hope you enjoy.

You might ask why haven’t I posted this project on my website from 2010 till now?  The answer is,  Albert strictly asked me not to exhibit this project on any of my web pages. However, a while ago he gave me the permission to post it here  as a showcase for me as freelance designer and also might help us( me and my brother) to attract serious enthusiasts and sponsors to help us achieve the common goals and make some unique drop-dead gorgeous, old school muscle cars.

 Still, We have not got the chance to bring this beast to life, but for sure it is one of Mine and Albert’s top priorities in future.

© Copyright Emil Baddal 2010 . All Rights Reserved.

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