’68 Ford TBird Pro-Touring

A year ago I was browsing through ebay motors when I stumbled upon a white 1968 Ford Thunderbird coupe in a crappy condition, tires were flat, the body was rusty but the unique form of the front fenders attracted my attention and the closer I looked at the car,more details of the design of the car made me like it more. I didn’t place any bids on it, but I knew I found myself a favorite old school rider. So after a year I decided to do some pro touring on this car and model and render it in 3dsmax (Definitely cheaper way of knowing how a car would look like the way you want it in real world 😀 ) So I did some hand renderings of the T-bird and the results were pretty close to what I wanted.  I gave myself an ultimatum to finish the 3D modeling and renderings of this concept in one week. I hope you enjoy the results 🙂 .

There are absolutely more renderings to come, I’m not done here, so…standby for more renders.

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10 thoughts on “’68 Ford TBird Pro-Touring

  1. That white Thunderbird is the most beautiful car I have ever seen. Way above and beyond the retro styling of both the Mustang and Challenger. I’d be proud to own one!!!

  2. I would love to find a set of the wheels ( rims )
    Like on your 68 T Bird pro touring concept car

  3. I love this concept car and I want to make mine look just like it.. where can I find a body kit like this one?

  4. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!! Can you please send me info on how I can make my 68 thunderbird look like this?

  5. Outstanding concept for an American icon, Ford Thunderbird. After seeing this 1968 model year, I have to wonder what wonders you could do for a 1965 Thunderbird Concept in both the hardtop and convertible models. All your work is amazing and your future looks bright!

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