Mercedes SXR Concept

I created this concept as one of my portfolio concepts for scholarship review at Art Center. The final results of who’s getting the scholarship is not announced yet. I hope that I get the scholarship, fingers crossed. After the scholarship portfolio review I decided to model the concept and render some 3D images of it in 3DS Max. I’m not going to talk about the specifications that I have in mind and I prefer to let audience’s imagination run wild for this concept.  Of course there are going to be more renders available in couple of days. I’m busy setting the scenes up and rendering them. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Mercedes SXR Concept

  1. با سلام
    من اولین بارکارای شمارو مبینیم فوق العاده ست .من هم خیلی به طراحی ماشین علاقه دارم در زمینه طراحی از شماراهنمایی میخام
    از چه نرم افزاری میتونم استفاده کنم

  2. Hi, I’m from Kosovo, a student of architecture, and just wanted to congrats you for your work. I hope you get there you want. And the renders, they are so real, if they are renders?!
    I’m sorry if I was wrong to write for this nothing special you wait for.

    With sincerely,
    Valon Mehmeti

  3. Hi Valone,

    Thank you so much for your kind message. The images on my website are CG renders. I’m glad you liked them.

    Have a great Day
    – Emil

  4. What are they waiting (Ferrari, Lambo etc) to give you a job ? Such class and future feel for design !! I’m very impressed.

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