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This project was an assignment during my third term at Art Center Transportation Design major. In that course we had a total of 3 different projects. This project in particular was the second one which was a super car design between some specific choices that we were offered. I decided to go with Pagani, and the reason being was that in my opinion Pagani brand is one of the most exclusive brands among its rivals. I love the amount of the attention to details in Pagani vehicles. However, I think the design of this vehicle could use a better aesthetics and this was my attempt on achieving an aesthetically pleasing design, while keeping the key features of a Pagani super car perceivable. My inspiration for this project through the entire project was a competition series of FUJI D6 special edition bicycle fram, and the reason being was that the shapes and forms of this particular bicycle were very aerodynamically optimized and streamlined.






Two weeks ago I decided to make the model in 3D and the followings are the results of two weeks of modeling and renderings in 3ds max.



yellow-lights-off-web yellow-rear-webread-road-1webWeb-Render-1 Web-Render-2 Web-Render-3 Web-Render-4 Web-Render-5 Web-Render-6 Web-Render-7 Web-Render-8 Render-1web

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