Alfa Romeo Giuliana TZe

This project was a school project during my 4th term Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design. The project brief was to design and develop a halo concept for the brand Alfa Romeo. during the research that I did, I found out that there were little cheap sport cars like ; Giulia and Giulietta were the true hero saving Alfa Romeo from bankruptcies at many occasions. During my research I stumbled upon the famous Giulia 1750 GTAm and ever since it became one of my most favorites of all time classic cars. So I decided to design the next savior of Alfa Romeo. A 2+2 sport hatch with a B-6 twin Turbo engine with rear transaxle in the back. The key theme notion in this project for me was “The right amount of Wrong!” what alfa romeo has always been 😉

WebpageWebpage2poster1poster3poster2cropped-poster3.jpgFinal render 12Final render 11cropped-Final-Render-3.jpgFinal Render 1Final Render 5Final render 13Final Render 7Final render 6Final Render 4Final Render 3Final Render 2Keyshot-Environment-web111.12

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