Ferrari Minute Concept

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The Ferrari Minute concept started with one sketch which was a part of an assignment at school. It captured some attention at the time and after quite some time I decided to make a 3D model of the sketch. It’s a very small racing car which in essence is just a weekend toy for people who are car enthusiasts, participating in different rally events and have great time with it. This car is not an every day driver concept. It’s a pure racing horse! The supposed construction of the car is an egg shell carbon fiber tub with a V6 twin-turbo 2.5L engine behind the front axle and a trans-axle mounted in the back. Just to give an idea of how small the car really is, the wheels are 19″. The wheelbase is short and traditionally front over hang is long with not much of rear overhang. The first image below is the actual page from the sketch assignment that I did. I hope you enjoy!

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