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I was born on September 21, 1985 in Shiraz,Iran. I Loved cars since the very early years of my life. I used to draw paintings of the cars that I saw on street when I was 4 or 5 years old. I love Motor Sports, Tuning cars and generally everything that has to do something with automobiles. Designing cars always meant Art to me. I started and continued formal education in Iran till the time I graduated from High School and Pre-University (College) majoring Mathematics and Physics in 2003. In the mean time I practiced different skills in sketching and crayon renderings. In 2004 I entered university majoring in English Literature and parallel to that, I started to practice Marker-Pastel hand sketching and rendering and above that I started to learn 3D modeling with 3DSMAX software self-tutoring. I managed to reach high level of proficiency in 3D modeling and CG renderings. After two and a half Academic years studying English Literature in 2007, I sufficed to the Associate Degree of English Literature for good and entered the military service(As it was mandatory) for the draft period so I could chase my goals afterwards and start studying my favorite major “Transportation Design” anywhere possible.  I just migrated to California state of the United States lately, and I’m open to all new opportunities that I would probably face.

Here you can find my latest concepts and designs. I’m open to any job offer, of course related to my interest. so if you think you could use my skills for your business please feel free to contact me.

Emil Baddal

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