Hello everyone,

Since this is my first post in here, I have to clarify something.I chose “Emil Baddal” as my internet name which, I think, is more correct in spelling than “Emil Badal”. “Emil Badal” is my official name, found in my IDs, Passport,etc. So….both titles “Emil Baddal” and “Emil Badal” belong to Me as a distinct individual.

This web page is the portfolio of my concepts and designs. Visitors who will to use any of my photos, Renderings, Ideas and Concepts  must obtain my permission by contacting me via Email or Contact Me section. No commercial use of images, illustrations, concepts and ideas is allowed without my strict permission.  Any kind of use of images, illustrations,concepts and ideas without my permission will be subject to prosecute the illegal user.  Please respect my authority. Hope you enjoy visiting.

Thank You

Emil Baddal

One thought on “Clarification

  1. salam emil jan . shegeft zade shodam az designat . vaGHan fogholadas <3 omidvaram movafagh bashi chon movafaghiatet baese eftekhare hameye irania mishe . <3

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